Construction Management

One of Cannon’s most important contributions to its projects is fast, responsive attention to the complexities of project implementation. We share our knowledge gained from years of dealing successfully with a variety of challenges. The dual objective is to save our clients time and money and achieve a quality end project.

Our detail-oriented management team directs all aspects of the construction process. Based on the client’s requirements, we contribute to project feasibility studies, select subcontractors, schedule materials ordering and delivery, analyze bids, monitor construction progress, review bills and change orders, maintain the construction site, and inspect the work performed.

In our role as consultant, we are brought into the project by the owner, user or architect to evaluate conceptual design costs and practicality/cost of materials selections, or to review work in progress in order to safeguard design and cost objectives. We apply our knowledge of pricing, scheduling and workmanship to resolve questions of costs, work progress, and quality control. A building owner may also require consultation in pre-lease negotiation to review the lease package or work letter.

Fairness, honesty and objectivity are the qualities that Cannon strives to maintain in all management and consultation assignments for project throughout the country.