Project Management

The Project Management portion of the construction process represents one part of a two part responsibility. Operating “hand-in-hand” with the superintendent, the project manager takes the lead on all documentation, delivery of special items, reporting, financial analysis, cost control, and schedule updates. The project manager acts as the primary liaison for project administration. The project manager is always striving to be ahead of the project curve, anticipating issues and following up on items to ensure the project’s consistency, predictability, and conformity to goals and needs.

Project Manager Responsibilities:

  • Quality control.
  • Timely and concise communication with project team members.
  • Manage all project correspondence.
  • Prepare and update project schedules and reports on a regular basis.
  • Chair all meetings, prepare and distribute meeting minutes.
  • Prepare and distribute all financial projections and reports.
  • Coordinate monthly draws and payments to subs and vendors.
  • Track, expedite, and report on submittals, transmittals, samples, and shop drawings.
  • Track and expedite products and fabrication.
  • Expedite and confirm material and product deliveries.
  • Coordinate receipt of project closeout data; compile and submit warrantees, guarantees, as-builts, equipment operating manuals, attic stock, and other required products